Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Nathan's High Elf Army

G'day Everyone,

As part of the Bunkertube Team, I have the joy of talking about my current project, which right now is High Elves.
Having just competed in the 2011 Castle Assault Tournament here in Newcastle, I had the privilege of seeing a variety of exciting and rather well painted armies, couple of which were High Elves.  Now this got me thinking back to when I was a lad and started playing Warhammer with my first ever army - High Elves, and seeing what some people have been able to do with theirs, I decided to go back to the glory days.

The pictures you see are the first few models I have painted, obviously my Prince, my Battle Standard and 10 of the 18 Swordmaster I plan to run in 2500 points.
The complete list is as follows:
Prince with Heavy Armour, Enchanted Shield, Ogre Blade (yeah take that Fudd) and Guardian Phoenix
Noble with Heavy Armour, Shield & Battle Standard
Lvl 2 Mage with Dispel Scroll
Lvl 2 Mage with the Seerstaff of Saphery
32 Spearmen with Full Command and Banner of the Eternal Flame
16 Archers with Full Command
15 Lothern Sea Guard with Sheilds and Full Command
30 White Lions with the Lion Standard
18 Swordmasters with the War Banner
2 Reperater Bolt Throwers
As the weeks progress, hopefully, new pictures will be posted on my progress with this army and Hopefully some awesome Battle Reports will follow too.

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