Wednesday, 14 September 2011

My 2600 Point Ogre Kingdoms

G'day viewers,

Just thought I would post the army list I have decided to run with the ogres for a while to see how they function and make some possible changes if needed, down the road.

I've had ogres since the beginning of 7th edition, and of course had oodles of fun with them throughout 7th, had a break from them with my chaos up until 8th edition, had a crack with the ogres again to see how their book went, and the way I ran and played them, was very disappointing in 8th edition.

So as you could imagine I was over the moon when the rumours started buzzing around and more and more seemed to be coming to light and BOOOM Hur Hur Hur, out came the Ogres and SO! many new toys.
In fact, has anyone else noticed it's hard to fit all the cool shit you want to take in your army these days (for the newer army booked armies anyway).

No. Name Wargear Points Wargear Points Unit Total % of Army Section %
Lords 1 Slaughtermaster LVL4, Golden Sigil Sword, Talisman of Pres, Chanel Staff 250 75 325 12.50% 12.50%

Heroes 1 Bruiser BSB, Standard of Discipline 105 40 145 5.58% 10.85%
Heroes 1 Butcher LVL2 Additional Hand Wep 100 37 137 5.27%

Core 16 Ogres Additional hand Weps, Full Command + Look Out 30 51 531 20.42% 33.50%
Core 5 Iron Guts Full Command + Look Out 43 35 250 9.62%
Core 20 Gnoblars Trappers, Muso, Groin Biter 2.5 40 90 3.46%

Special 6 Lead Belchers Muso 43 10 268 10.31% 36.69%
Special 4 Mournfang Full Command , Brace, Swiftness Banner, Hvy Arm, GRT Weps 60 103 343 13.19%
Special 1 Gorger
90 13.19%

Rare 1 Thundertusk Big Shit 250
250 9.62% 16.15%
Rare 1 Iron Blaster Big Shooty Shit 170
170 6.54%


models 57

So as you could imagine i'll be putting the lvl 4 and bsb in the unit of 16 ogres to make it a full 3 ranked horde of 18.
Lvl 2 will go with the iron guts
When it comes to magic, I dont think I could go past the fluffyness or even the shear effectiveness of ogre gut magic. Even with the benefits of being able to take some of the lores from the rulebook, I think gut magic was made just that little bit better and will work effectively enough with this army.
the gnoblar trappers hopefully will be a suitable screen unit for the leadbelchers, the mournfang with 18" marching and the potential for 30" charge threat radius, although you'd have to roll like I do for leadership tests... should be great fun to slam into the flanks, with the gorger doing what they do best.
The iron blasters just going to be moving forward every turn hoping to get within range of grapeshot!
finally the Thundertusk, this was a tough one, I honestly couldn't pick the superior beast, so I settled for the model I prefered and I do that often...

Finally I would love to hear some of your responses to this list.

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