Saturday, 14 May 2011

WHFB- Dwarfs vs Bretonnians - 2600 points Battle Report

For this weeks edition of BunkerTube Battle Reports we have a newcomer to our videos, but long time part of our gaming group, Rob.

Some of you may recognise him from Podhammer as "Rojo" and his also a pretty active member of many Warhammer Fantasy forums, predominantly Wargamer AU.

Hopefully you guys are starting to appreciate the more love we're giving Warhammer Fantasy in general. - we really aren't just 40k!

Again, a Bunker Tube regular, Nathan is back for another report as well, running his very own Bretonnian army, not to be confused with Alan's army.

Can you believe it? 2 #%^&?@! frenchies players... hahahah!

May patients be with you for this lengthy report, but be assured, It's most certainly worth watching the till the final outcome!

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