Tuesday, 26 April 2011

WH40k Battle Report - Imperial Gaurd vs CSM 1750points

So this week, Nathan is running his new gaurd army, which certainly proved itself as a tough army - be sure to watch how things go.

Our BT-1 video cast fortnightly show is starting to take shape and we will be starting filming in around 1 week. we're hoping to shape this to be like a podcast but better because you'll be able to see us.

BT-1 video cast will cover news across the major gaming codes, while its obvious we play 40k the most we certainly do venture into a lot of other systems. Im also trying to line up interviews with some of the big names either in person or via skype. we'll also have plenty of humor mixed in.
So be sure to subscribe so you wont miss out on seeing what i hope will be a half decent show to watch about the hobby we all love.

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